The BBC has what they call the Hub, which is a team of 20 BBC employees. The Hub's purpose is to look at and verify user-generated content submitted to the BBC through social media, email and their website. [Wiki References 1] The BBC like CNN's iReport and Storyful has a process to verify information they want to use:

  • The BBC wants to talk to the person who shared the content to find out who they are and to get any additional information they can provide about the event they are sharing content from.
  • When the BBC establishes who the content is coming from, they might also contact experts in the region of the story to get their opinion on the content and look to see if there is similar content being shared online.
  • In the case of images, the BBC checks for photo manipulation and will check the weather in that area to see if it matches what is being shown.

Once the Hub has verified UGC, they will send it out to the BBC's different platforms with the details of verification. [Wiki References 2]

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