iReport is CNN's own user-generated content site. It is separate from CNN's professional news site. Anyone can make an iReport account and post content there. Most UGC content remains on the iReport site, but CNN has producers who monitor the UGC site for content to pull and use in broadcasts or on the CNN news site.[Wiki References 1] CNN doesn't assume the iReport content is accurate, they put it through a verification process before it is used professionally just as the BBC and Storyful do. Their process of verification is fairly simple:

  • Contact iReporter: When CNN's producers see something they want to use, they must try to talk with the person who posted the content. This helps CNN ensure that the iReporter is real and it gives the producer a chance to gather more information about what this person experienced.
  • Verify Information: After talking with the iReporter, the producer then does some fact checking. They can contact an expert for the area where the story is being reported to see if they are hearing anything, check local media in the area and contact reporters in the field.

If the content holds up through this process, it can then be used by CNN in broadcasts or on their news site. [Wiki References 2]

To see an example of how CNN incorporates iReport into their news site click here.

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