User-generated content is a tool being used by most news organizations today. It is mostly in the form of videos and pictures. Most news organizations have some method of attempting to verify the UGC they gather, whether it be in-house like CNN's iReport and the BBC or from another source such as the wire-like service, Storyful or YouTube. UGC is a  way to engage your audience and it allows journalists to get stories they may not have gotten otherwise and it is especially making an impact in natural disaster and terrorism reporting.

     More information is needed on how local news organizations use UGC. What ways are your local news sources getting and using your content? What are the best ways of sourcing UGC? News organizations are also encouraged to share the ways they are sourcing and using UGC.

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     Anyone in the world with internet access has the power to share content with a global audience whereas before that power lied in the hands of the media. This content is not going to go away so news organizations must figure out the best way to use UGC and make sure what they are using is factual. UGC if used in a proper has the potential to enhance story telling because often times it shows what happened before a journalist arrived and it can also lead to stories that no one would have known about because a journalist wasn't there to document it.

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