Storyful likes to call itself the "first social news agency." [Wiki References 1] They act much like a wire service for user-generated content with partners such as The New York Times and the ABC, who pay a monthly fee that ranges from $1,500 to a five-figure amount. [Wiki References 2] Storyful has teams of journalists in various cities globally who monitor social media for content that's getting heavy traffic.Their team then pulls the content and sets out to verify it through a process, much like CNN's iReport and the BBC:

  • Contact the person who shared the content to determine who they are.
  • Review the sharer's history for past credible content
  • Use maps and satellite imagery to verify loacation
  • Check with other news organizations to see if the events in the content happened
  • Check weather and landscape of the area the content is coming from to make sure they match
  • Once the content has been verified, Storyful sends alerts about the content to its partners. [Wiki References 3]

Storyful doesn't just take the content they verify and ship it off to its partners, it also helps the sharers of the content by making sure their partners are using the right version of the content and crediting the sharer of the content. [Wiki References 4]

To see an example of the type of content Storyful verifies click here.

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