YouTube is increasingly becoming a more popular platform for viewing news. Since it is basically a site for user-generated content, that’s what most of the videos on the site are, but many news organizations are also using YouTube to share content. YouTube is seeing a collaboration between these two groups; citizens are sharing the news organization content while the news organizations are often times incorporating UGC from YouTube  into their reports. A Pew Research Center study found that:

  • 39% of the news footage on YouTube came directly from citizens
  • 51% of the news footage on YouTube came from news organizations, but some of that footage was still shot by citizens
  • Citizens are also responsible for posting 39% of the professional news organization footage to YouTube. [Wiki References 1]

In an effort to help citizens who want to post their own news content, YouTube launched the Reporter's Center in 2009. Reporter's Center contains informational videos from professional journalists. The videos cover topics such as how to get a good interview and fact checking. [Wiki References 2]

To see a video shared in the Reporter's Center click here.

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